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Ep#79 Extra Credit Fridays - 3 Financial Mistakes to Avoid w/Anthony O'Neal

“Extra Credit Friday’s” is where we revisit conversations from former guest on the show and highlight a key area that you can apply today, fast and in just minutes For this extra credit Friday I revisit a conversation I had with Anthony O'Neal . There are a lot of mistakes you can make financially coming out of school and what better person to ask then a Dave Ramsey personality Anthony O'Neal himself. Check out the full Ep#23 here.

On this episode Shawn interviews Anthony O'Neal. Anthony O'Neal has helped thousands of students succeed in their work and personal lives. Now Anthony has joined Ramsey Solutions to spread this encouraging message to students nationwide as a Ramsey Personality. Anthony is traveling the nation, equipping parents and encouraging students to make good decisions with their money and their lives. They will discuss the following:

  • Student Loans

  • Going To Big Ivy League Schools

  • Establishing A Credit Score

To learn more about Anthony visit his Instagram

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