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Ep#78 Celeste Bonin: Trust Your Instinct

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

On this episode Shawn interviews Celeste Bonin. When chosen by WWE as a last-minute replacement for an elimination TV show, Celeste Bonin rolled the dice, packed-up her life, and moved to Tampa to pursue the opportunity.

With no persona, no funding and no outfit, she had 48 hours to get it all together and make a name for herself—and that’s exactly what she did, becoming a successful model and professional wrestler. The confidence Celeste found during her endeavors ultimately inspired her to launch Celestial Bodiez in 2014.

With no background in fashion whatsoever, she turned to her determination, previous experiences and true grit to gain a foothold for the brand. Inspired by one of her former WWE outfits, she designed dozens of clothing prototypes until she was satisfied with the outcome—a concept that became the signature “booty scrunch” curve-hugging seam design.

Celeste’s creativity and clothing designs are meant to embody the strength and prowess of bold women everywhere and can be worn from the couch to the gym. Ultimately, the goal is that Celeste’s designs make wearers feel equally comfortable and confident.

They will discuss the following:

  • Trusting Your Instinct

  • How She Won The WWE Title

  • Finding Your Path

To learn more about Celeste visit her on Instagram

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