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Ep#75: Live Podcast at WSSU

One word: ICONIC‼️ To go back to my alma mater Winston-Salem State University and feature some of the biggest and brightest entrepreneurs was crazy. To do it as a LIVE PODCAST WAS ON ANOTHER LEVEL‼️ Today’s episode features Taylor Calamese founder of Charlotte Fit, Desmond Wiggan Jr. CEO of BatteryXchange, and Aubrey Yeboah CMO of BatteryXchange.

We appreciate the overwhelming amount of support and love we received over the last 24 hours with HUNDREDS OF STUDENTS ATTENDING. I promise you this event is here to stay-Nothing like pouring in to the youth and at a place that means so much to me. #RamPride for life 💯

They will discuss the following:

  • Being business owners

  • How to Pitch

  • Knowing your audience

To learn more about the panelist please visit them on social media:

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