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Ep#53 Extra Credit Fridays - Dealing with Rejection w/Mahisha Dellinger

Introducing “Extra Credit Friday’s” highlights our most mind-blowing moments of real world wisdom and practical advice from our amazing guests. So get ready to raise your personal and professional GPA in just a few quick minutes. 👇🏽 “Extra Credit Friday’s” is where we revisit conversations from former guest on the show and highlight a key area that you can apply today, fast and in just minutes. ⏰ For this extra credit Friday I revisit a conversation I had with Mahisha Dellinger where she shares how she dealt with rejection which lead her to becoming the entrepreneur she is today. 💰 Mahisha is an entrepreneur, author and TV host. She is the CEO of “Curls”, a natural hair care brand founded in 2002. She is the Author of Against All Odds: From the Projects to the Penthouse. Dellinger host Mind Your Business with Mahisha on the OWN TV Network.👇🏽🔥

They will discuss the following:

  • Dealing with Rejection

  • Power of Prayer & Determination

  • The Moment of Becoming an Entrepreneur

To learn more about her visit her website or follow her on Instagram

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