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EP#275: Creative Ways to Get Out of a Slump and Find Success w/Shawn Anthony

In this episode, host Shawn Anthony shares three creative ways to get out of a slump and find motivation. The first technique is to unearth your hidden talents by using the 10-minute rule. Shawn encourages listeners to spend just 10 minutes a day exploring and developing a unique skill set. The second technique is to surround yourself with inspiring people who can push you towards success.

Shawn emphasizes the importance of networking and seeking out mentors. Lastly, Shawn suggests creating a vision board to visualize your goals and dreams. He explains how this simple activity can help manifest positive changes in your life. Tune in to this episode for more practical tips and advice on overcoming challenges and finding fulfillment.

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About School's Over...Now What?

Join Shawn Anthony as he talks to fearless business leaders who've shattered conventional wisdom to achieve massive success. In each weekly episode, our guests share jaw-dropping stories of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Most importantly, they’ve answered the question we’ve all asked “School’s Over…Now What?” Get inspired and access cutting-edge strategies that'll transform your business and life. New episodes every Friday on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all major podcast platforms.

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