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EP#247: SONWClassic: Estelle How To Figure Out What You Really Want!

Join Shawn as he interviews the talented British singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actress, Estelle. In this episode, we dive into Estelle's eclectic musical career, her heritage, and what we can expect from her next album. She shares insights on being prepared for what you want in life, running into Kanye West, and her new show, "The Estelle Show," now streaming on Apple Music.

Show Notes:


  • Opening remarks about the 80/20 rule in life

  • Introduction of guest, Estelle

Part 1: Growing up and Heritage

  • Estelle's childhood and cultural background

  • The influence of her family on her music career

  • The evolution of her sound and genre-bending style

Part 2: Running into Kanye and Asking for What You Want

  • Estelle's experience collaborating with Kanye West on "American Boy"

  • The importance of knowing what you want and asking for it

  • How taking risks can lead to great opportunities

Part 3: Being Prepared for What You Want in Life

  • The role of preparation in Estelle's success

  • Overcoming challenges and persevering in the industry

  • The importance of staying true to yourself and your vision

Part 4: "Lovers Rock" and Her Next Album

  • The inspiration behind Estelle's latest album, "Lovers Rock"

  • Collaborating with fellow artists and musicians

  • Teasers about what we can expect from her next album

Part 5: "The Estelle Show" on Apple Music

  • An introduction to Estelle's new show on Apple Music

  • The inspiration behind the show and what to expect

  • Advice for aspiring musicians and creatives


  • Final thoughts on discovering the 80% and living your best life

  • Thanking Estelle for joining the podcast and sharing her insights

  • Announcing future episodes and where to find the podcast

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