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Ep#146: Student Of The Streets

You got to become a student of the game before you make the leap! Do you agree?

On this episode of “Extra Credit Friday’s” Shawn revisits his interview with Sequoia Blodgett on Ep#67.

Sequoia has knocked down the doors in both the music industry and the tech space. She is the founder of Commas, a product and service engine for growing entrepreneurs that offers exclusive access to top tech and creative resources.

She has spoken all over the world about fundraising, building a tech company, using tech to create strong visual content and helping entrepreneurs understand how to stay relevant in the digital revolution.

They will discuss the following:

⭐️ Why becoming a student is important

⭐️ The art of being humble

⭐️ How patience is a factor for success

To learn more about Sequoia visit her on Instagram.

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