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Ep#113 Extra Credit Fridays - How To Define Success w/Nick Santonastasso

“Extra Credit Friday’s” is where we revisit conversations from former guest on the show and highlight a key area that you can apply today, fast and in just minutes ⏰

For this extra credit Friday I revisit a conversation I had with Nick Santonastasso. I asked what’s the best your advice your mom ever gave you and his response was on another level. Take a listen and learn now how you should define success! Nick is 1 of a handful of people alive with the rare genetic condition, Hanhart Syndrome. The inspirational keynote speaker is also an internationally recognized bodybuilder, fitness model & best-selling author! 🎙

They will discuss the following:

⭐️ Defining success

⭐️ Best advice ever

⭐️ Overcoming limitations

To learn more about Nick visit him on Instagram.


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