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Ep#110: Protect The Voice Of The Black Woman w/Jamila Mustafa

We must protect the voice of the black woman. Do you agree? On this episode I interview Jamila Mustafa. She is one of the most prominent voices shaping the millennial generation as an award-winning broadcast journalist, actress, and host. ⁣

She has hosted a variety of shows on iHeart Radio (Fresh Pick Mondays, Live Sessions, Fan Vs. Artist Trivia), ESPN (EBC At Rucker Park), BET Networks (Sound Bite, Pull Up, BET BREAKS, The Break Down, Inside The Lyric, Set Trippin) and MTV Network’s legendary TRL. ⁣

Currently, you can catch Jamila hosting MTV’s Fresh Out Live and Fresh Out Playlist airing on the network. Mustafa has been featured as a Forbes "Mastermind", celebrated by former Vice President Joe Biden. The former Miss Delaware State University and current international HBCU advocate founded HBCU 2 Hollywood in 2017, a University/College speaking tour that highlights the importance of education, health, and purpose. ⁣

In 2020, Mustafa made history as Bennett College's youngest commencement speaker. Most recently, Jamila served as the host, brand ambassador, and creative director for the largest celebration of women in music, The Ladybug Festival. Her captivating voice, powerful stage presence, and ability to relate to a universal audience is what makes Jamila unforgettable! ⁣

We will discuss the following 👇🏽🔥⁣

⭐️ Being called the Next Oprah ⁣

⭐️ How HBCU’s chose her ⁣

⭐️ How to have tunnel vision to accomplish your goals ⁣

⭐️ Protecting the voice of the black women

You can follow Jamila on Instagram here.


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