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Ep#104 Extra Credit Fridays - Coronavirus...Now What? IG LIVE EXCLUSIVE w/Mathew Knowles

You asked we listened and today we are releasing an EXCLUSIVE EPISODE OF “Extra Credit Friday’s”. Here is the MOST HIGHLY TALKED ABOUT IG LIVE with DR. Mathew Knowles “Coronavirus...Now What?” Full audio version now available on SONW.

Extra Credit Friday’s is where we revisit conversations from former guest on the show and highlight a key area that you can apply today, fast and in just minutes-⏰ For this extra credit Friday However we are giving you the FULL SEGMENT.

This was the most talked about guest on our live series “Coronavirus...Now What?” We have had to date and to top that off the original episode 97 had the most downloads ever on day 1 on our show! On this episode Shawn re-interviews Mathew Knowles. Mathew created the biggest female group of all time Destiny Child, his daughters Beyoncé and Solange Knowles are Grammy award winning superstars that he manage to fame. He is also the CEO of Music World Entertainment and University Professor.

They will discuss the following:

⭐Answering guest questions live

⭐️ How to adapt during COVID 19

⭐️ Beyoncé, Solange and more

To learn more about Mathew Knowles visit him on Instagram.

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